Conndoors began with the doors of Roast meat hill, Killingworth V.1(2003). I began my journey into making Connecticut town prints in 2005 with The Doors of Killingworth.  After that I traveled to neighboring towns taking pictures of colorful and unique doors. Today I have 40 towns completed and my lifetime goal is to complete all 169 Connecticut towns.

In 2008 I wrote and illustrated a book about the green parrots on the shoreline. B.B. the parrot needed to save her family and used my doors to help find a solution to her problem. You can view it by selecting book under main menu.

In 2020 I set out to do a series on Cape Cod doors. 15 towns was my goal, but a summer long sinus infection kept me from completing it. I continued the project  in 2021 and am creating prints this fall/winter.

My love of traveling is now a Beyond doors travel blog.

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